Parent & Child Aquatics


American Red Cross: Parent & Child Aquatics

Weekend session runs for 5 Saturdays @ 11:00 – 11:30

Parent & Child Aquatics

Parents must be in the water with their child

Familiarize children between the ages of 6 months and approximately 3 years with the water and teach swimming readiness skills.


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Experienced instructors will work with parents and their young children guiding them while the children learn the following skills:

  • Blow bubbles on the surface
  • Blow bubbles with mouth and nose submerged
  • Underwater exploration
  • Submerge mouth, nose and eyes
  • Open eyes and retrieve objects below the surface
  • Front glide
  • Front float
  • Passing from instructor to parent
  • Drafting with breathing
  • Leg action—alternating or simultaneous movements
  • Combined arm and leg actions on front with breathing—explore, with assistance

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